Consulting Services




A detailed annual budget is a crucial tool for managing a successful business. It allows the company to outline the expected costs, set a target for revenue and, from there, determine the profit to be achieved. Furthermore, budgeting provides you with a good understanding of your business' financial and operational needs and results and therefore, significantly reduces your risk.

We will help you create your budget, taking into account your knowledge about the business and plans of growth. And, equally important, we will help you establish a consistent routine to check the results, understand the deviations and act when necessary to bring your business back on track.



Cash Flow Management

Cash flow problems are one of the leading causes of failure for small businesses. Therefore, carefully outlining and planning cash inflows and outflows will give you a good understanding of your business' cash needs. And it will allow you to identify upcoming cash shortages and take actions ahead of time to prevent them from happening.

We will help you build a detailed cash flow budget, allowing you to avoid shortages and the need for unplanned loans. Furthermore, we will help you identify opportunities within your processes to reduce the need for cash.


Portfolio Optimization

On what product or service should you focus your selling efforts? What mix provides you with the largest return?

We can help you answer these and other questions, allowing you to adjust your product/service mix and maximize your profits. The answers are very likely in the numbers you already record. And if they are not, we will guide on the right information that needs to be collected on a regular basis in order to support such type of decisions.


Operational Performance Management

Are your resources being used in an effective and efficient way?

We can help you assess your operational performance, identifying existing inefficiencies and their causes. We will help you define countermeasures to address such causes and implement a systematic follow-up of results, through the use of key performance indicators. Save time and resources and increase your competitiveness by better managing your operational processes!